The True Story of Clenbuterol

Last week, a representative of the Ministry of the Interior said “Independent”: “Clenbuterol is a stimulant for the growth of hormones and a drug of class C. It is forbidden to supply or purposely supply Clenbuterol. No guilt – although, apparently, Some people have so many of those who seem to suggest they can be sued. The maximum penalty is 14 years of imprisonment and / or unlimited fines. ”

These rules seem simple, but it is clear that people will somehow master Clenbuterol. According to the British Medical Journal, since the ban on steroids in sports in the 1990s, its use has increased, and now diet enthusiasts go to the bodybuilding board and ask for posters for advice on how to use it. The International Olympic Committee also banned the use of Clenbuterol, but non-competitors do not object to its use. They advise the judges to find sources: buy on the Internet.

Google was looking to “buy Clenbuterol” more than 1 million search queries. The first is a site called Clenbuterol King, which addresses potential customers: “Do not listen to the sales site. Get real information. ” Being a potential customer, I sent an e-mail to my consultant. “I myself used Clenbuter (I mean it sincerely),” he replied. “As I recall, I struggled with my weight, but Clenbuter is the beginning of my needs. I am 96 kilograms, and now I have 84.5 kilograms. ” The site also seeks to highlight the contacts of celebrities – confirm that they also I’ve heard rumors about the specific names I mentioned. “There are many stars in our book,” someone told me. “Of course, I can not call you by name, but for Hollywood people this is the first choice for diet pills. This drug is their secret. ”

When asked about health problems, the spokesman felt relieved and offered to have a general examination of the GP and read the contraindications on the website. Otherwise, this line reads: “I accepted this, I’m fine.” Clenbuterol King said that in seven days he could release 200,200,000 cubic feet of tablets to the UK for $ 160 (£ 85).

As for side effects, the site is very realistic. “Because Clenbuterol is very good in its role, you can experience … muscle spasms, high blood pressure, increased energy [and] light shocks,” it says. It is recommended to eat bananas to fight cockroaches, and it is recommended not to take clenbuterol after 15:30, because it can cause insomnia and will not be too close to the exercise, because it can affect breathing. He also warns users about nausea, dizziness, lethargy, tremors, dry mouth and vomiting. This is a website that is trying to sell it.

It seems strange that those who use drugs talk about more terrible side effects. An anonymous user posted on a bulletin board in the US states, wrote: “My calves, legs and hamstring have some drawbacks. They are very painful !!! I have no problems with sleeping or with other problems ….. In addition to increasing the heart rate, I reached 90 times per minute during the break … “The weightlifter’s forum was discussing a drug that may be characteristic for their movement. “I sweat like a rapist,” said one. “Only one tablet gave me a” high-speed cock, “the other replied.

It is recommended that users who use clenbuterol as a weight loss drug describe an accidental overdose. “Perhaps my vital symptoms will help. When I go to the emergency room, my heart rate is 178, and after about two hours the peak time is just over 200. “Another user who claimed to be discussing the drug with a doctor warned” What people need to know is this that Maple is a dangerous drug, and it does not look like steroids. Prolonged side effects such as left heart atrophy can occur very quickly – in the case of high doses – in just one month, when too many side effects occur in the near future: tachycardia [sudden heart, rapid pulsation] hypokalemia [elevated potassium level, can lead to fatal arrhythmias], hypophosphatemia [depleted phosphate level], potassium intake, taurine consumption, headache, trembling and dizziness … “The most disturbing thing in these reports is that they do not have a recommendation to steal the reception of this drug: they are all attracted by their influence.

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